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✔ Вопросы по игре
Команда форума
10 Янв 2017
General information about the server:
-Client version V1.5
-The assembly is written from scratch, the gameplay is unique
-Powerful server-side protection DevProtect
-Protection against DDoS attacks
-All classes are relevant
-All standard quests on the server work
-The mail is working
-The auction is running
-All is available in the game
-On the server, team play is predominant
-All AT, Magic, Skills - GM
-Time prof. buffs increased to 1080 seconds
-Now specialists have an "elite"
-Exp is added to UIA
-Maximum level of guilds - 10
-Ability to purchase various valuable items in the Personal Account for voting
-Added 26 new locations
-4000 new monsters
-Lots of new armor and weapons
-Craft generators
-Support for GM players
-All races understand white chat from each other.
-The player who finishes the chip receives a patra lamp, the lamp remains until another player of his race finishes the chip

General headquarters:
-Added NPC buffers in each General Staff:
Button # 1 = Accelerate
Button # 2 = Fight for Life
Button # 3 = Accuracy
Button # 4 = Dodge
Button # 5 = Aegis Shield
The cost of each buff applied = 250 PvP Points
-Doping, green stuff, etc. from NPC CashShop
-Jewelry merchant
-Rune Trader
-Teleports to different locations at the travel coordinator
-Teleports to PvP zones near NPC Portals to PvP zones
-Stones T5 at Collector Talik
- Weapon dealer - type N weapon, 100% chance to sharpen by +4 (for initial development)
-Armor Merchant - Type N Armor
-NPC Little golden pig - +7 gold weapon (40th lvl)
-PvP point's vendor - pvp weapons, generators
-NPC Golden Pig dragon sets and bij for pvp points
-NPC Costume Weapons - a unique weapon for gold points
-NPC Costume Tool Armor - unique cloaks for gold glasses

Holy War:
-Instead of chips ships, each race has its own ship ("Hide" in which it will not work)
-Location "Crag Mines" changed
-DSU is now knocked out in the "Sett's Desert" location (Mobs are enhanced)
-DSU Gives the effect of Increasing Defense 50% (You cannot loot more than 1 piece, otherwise the def will go to a minus)
-DSU Valid 60 Minutes from the date of receipt
-Bonuses for winning with a DSU 1500 pvp points and 10,000 OS, without a DSU 5,000 OS
-Bonuses for defeat with a DSU 5000 os
-Buffs and debuffs for defeat or victory work as standard
-Tasty loot from the ship (chip) and the Guardian of the Mine (Ingots, Jewelry, Pooh, Capsules, etc.)
-Reduced core drop time, thereby increasing its efficiency
-Created Re-incornator of fallen heroes (respawn point near the TP of each race)
-Also in the development of a new unique CV *

-Dynamic loot rates
-Rates of character pumping х100
-Included 50 (simplified) and 56 printouts
-After 2 profes, jade is given at 5 levels
-Max level 81
-Developed 3 profs at level 81
-81 MAU, Animus, Tech. Animus fully edited and balanced
-Maximum amount of money in inventory - 2kkk
-Maximum amount of platinum - 500k
-Working def, accuracy, accuracy, dodge, resists
-Maximum sharpening of things +7
-Cats of animus up to 81 LvL Instant
-Ability to reset the profession in the General Staff of the Hero
-PvP Generators work by 1 piece, the cost of 1 piece is 500 PvP_Points

Farming game currency, talik, gold points, etc:
-Now you don't have to collect a bunch of loot and sell to NPCs, the currency will be credited immediately to the character's inventory
-Starting farm - on Flems, from 50-65 on Imperial Destroyers, from 65-81 in the Cartel Laboratory
-Gold capsules for 1000 points, as well as Luminous gold boxes with 01-100 gold capsules of Santa Shutti in the Elven Relics
-Taliki drops from Lazuvardins in Crag Mines
-C Qalian on Ethera drops armor and weapons of level 55, type C (on hp)
-Elven weapons are knocked out in the Elvenlands
-Elven armor is knocked out in the Elven Heavenly Garden
-70 ~ 65 Gold armor and krims weapons are knocked out in the Lands of the Wounded
-Farm shavings on Elan from Shining two-faced
-Farm crystal taliks in the Sacred Forest location with the mobs Metal Elf Lord of War

Pit Bosses:
All bosses have been edited and balanced.
-GSh PB - Gold and Pvp capsules +10 +20 +25 +30 +1000, respawn time: 12 Hours
-EPB - Attack Emeralds (Starting with Blind), Elven Weapons, Crimson Weapons, Specialized Cloaks, Unique Jewelry, Golden Glasses, Double Dopas, etc.
-DDD - Attack emeralds, pvp capsules (many), DDD jewelry, Golden glasses, Double dopas, etc.
-With Aizen and Thor in the Cartel's Laboratory, various jewelry and emeralds drop for experience

For guides on kachu 65+ and other guides, see the forum.

The server is constantly being improved, and many more interesting things will be added!
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